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HORIZON Series TFL cabinet doors offer you design flexibility, ease of maintenance and durability. Our TFL cabinet doors are produced using premium materials and machined with impressive precision. Unique edgebanding technology delivers a seamless look while providing exceptional durability.

What is TFL?

  • 1mm thick optical acrylic laminate fused to moisture resistant MDF; the surfaces are both UV and heat resistant to insure your cabinet doors look and perform beautifully for years to come.
  • Resin impregnated Decor paper thermally fused to a substrate
  • Industrial particleboard substrate
  • HORIZON TFL doors feature pattern and texture matched rigidly bonded PVC edge treatment

HORIZON Series Slab Door Specifications

Finishes: Textured woodgrains and Suede
Design: Contemporary
Face surface material: TFL
Back surface material: TFL
Edge treatment: PVC, Matching color & finish
Substrate: IndustriaI Grade Particleboard
Cabinet Door thickness: 5/8 in or 3/4 in (16 or 19 mm)
HORIZON Series Slab Door Parameters
Edgebanding Profile


We can produce HORIZON TFL Series cabinet doors in a large variety of woodgrains, solid colour and texture options. 

Please refer to our ‘HORIZON Series Stock Color Card’ to review our quick access TFL colors and patterns. 

All TFL patterns from our Partners are ‘available’; however, they may require an additional lead time and cost to procure. Inquire with your local Formations sales representative.

Featuring TFL collections by our Partners

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