Formations is the proud distributor
FIBREX® HDF panels

Arauco NA manufactures FIBREX® thin high density MDF on two continuous presses. This technology allows Arauco to continue offering a flexible range of lengths and widths that can fit any application. In addition, we can offer FIBREX® panels with decorative melamine papers, painted, printed and perforated. The ideal panel product for cabinet backs, drawer bottoms, painting, veneer substrates, doorskins, curved components.

When it comes to versatility and performance Fibrex offers the best of both worlds, with the widest selection of quality, sizes and finishes you’ll find anywhere.

Fibrex high density thin MDF, produced in St. Stephen, New Brunswick on a 5-foot continuous press, provides customers with a flexible range of grades, lengths and widths to suit any application.

Additionally, Fibrex is available with value-added upgrades such as PRISM TFL (thermally fused laminate), paint (solid color and woodgrain prints), pegboard, chalkboard and markerboard. Combine these choices with our versatile cut-to-size capabilities, and your options to maximize efficiencies become virtually unlimited.

FIBREX HDF offers:
• A range of thicknesses from 1.6 mm to 6.4 mm
• A selection of widths (48” to 50” and 59” to 62”) and lengths (72” to 99.5” and 101” to 148”)
• A variety of finishes including paint (solid color and woodgrain) and TFL (thermally fused laminate) from the PRISM collection
• Specialty options such as cut-to-size and pegging

FIBREX HDF Documents:

• FIBREX Standard