EGR Stylelite (Acrylic)

StyleLite High Gloss Panels are the premier choice for creating stunning, modern interior spaces. With a superior appearance compared to laminates, two-pack or vinyl panels, StyleLite is the premium solution for cabinetmakers, builders, architects and discerning homeowners seeking luxurious, high-gloss cabinetry.

StyleLite is constructed using PUR (Polyurethane) Lamination, an advanced hot-melt process that gives superior finish and adhesion over PVA and contact adhesive lamination. The end result is a flawless, ripple-free, high gloss finish, with unsurpassed depth of colour and shine. StyleLite is produced using our world-class PUR Lamination facility, enclosed in a sophisticated clean room environment. Our thorough quality control and stringent product standards ensure that you’ll always achieve a stunning finish with StyleLite.

EGR provides a wide range of premium plastic sheet products for a diverse selection of markets – from tough industrial barriers and automotive windows, through to stylish high gloss wall panels for commercial and residential construction.

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