EGR Lustrolite (Acrylic)

Lustrolite Versatile High Gloss Panels

Combining its beautiful ripple free, highly scratch resistant surface with magnificent panel depth and light weight, Lustrolite® is a vastly superior alternative to tiles, glass and other materials.

Lustrolite’s impressive list of features includes:

  • Brilliant mirror reflection and high gloss finish
  • Significantly less expensive than equivalent glass products
  • Effortless to clean due to its advanced scratch and chemical resistant hard coating
  • Can be cut, drilled, filed and planed with standard woodworking tools (e.g. circular saws, jigsaws, files and planers)
  • Half the weight of equivalent glass panels yet up to 25 times stronger making handling, installation and longevity vastly superior
  • Fantastic for hygiene as Lustrolite’s smooth surface does not harbor mold or bacteria
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